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At Midland Tuning we specialise in OBD ECU Car Remapping Midlands, We are based in Birmingham West Midlands and offer a unique custom remapping service.

Here at Midland Tuning Centre, our number one passion is helping your vehicle find it’s true potential. We use our years of experience in vehicle tuning to get the best performance from your vehicle. Whether you’re looking for speed, power or just better fuel economy – bring your car or van down to Midland Tuning Centre, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Take a look at the Stage 1 Remap we did on a 2015 2.0L Volkswagen Scirocco TSI for The OtherStuff on Youtube!

How is Car Remapping done?

The Diagnostic socket (OBD Port) of the vehicle is used to carry out the ECU car remapping, and 95% of the time there are no add-on components or in fact any visible trace of the work being carried out.

Using specialist equipment, we take a copy of the originally stored data (read) and then program the new data (write) onto the chip inside the ECU (known as the EPROM).

Data or maps (hence the name ECU remapping) stored on the chip are used to run the vehicle’s engine by controlling aspects such as fuelling, ignition timing and boost amongst others. ECU remapping is essentially optimising the engine performance by altering these maps.

Biggest gains can be seen from turbo diesel and turbo petrol engines. Please contact us for figures. ECU car remapping also improves throttle response, drivability, and fuel economy.

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Why not use a diesel tuning box?

ECU remapping is far superior to the diesel tuning boxes because we can correctly optimise various ECU settings whereas diesel tuning boxes just fool the ECU into giving more fuel – which can lead to excessive black smoke, false check engine lights and more.

We can remap most makes and models, including older vehicles that cannot be remapped through the diagnostic socket. In this case, the chip has to be removed -this is known as chipping or chip tuning.

Do you have special requirements?

We offer custom ECU Remapping and tuning for modified vehicles and for requests such as speed limiter removal, or false check engine light fixes for vehicles with a de-cat pipe. We can also offer switchable ECU Remapping for some of the Volkswagen Audi Group Vehicles.

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Do you remap Protected ECU’s?

Protected Bosch EDC17 & MED17 have been used since 2009. It has been thought that they cannot be remapped due to their Infineon Tricore processor, and this is sometimes referred to as “Tuning protection” or that the ECU itself is “Locked”. But this is not true, as there is no such thing as as-as non-tuneable or locked software.

The reality is that many poorly equipped or inexperienced tuners don’t understand these ECUs and instead of admitting it, just say that it’s not possible.

MTC’s Bootloader technique, which involves the careful removal of the ECU from the vehicle, provides a reliable and safe solution for programming these ‘protected’ ECUs. After removal, reading & writing to the Tricore processor is made via a direct connection.

This is the only safe method to remap any EDC17 or MED17 ECU. Note that before 2009, there was no protection for these EDC17 or MED17 ECUs.

These offer versions will allow OBD flashing – but during warranty repairs or just normal servicing main dealers can update the old non-protected software with the new “Protected” versions.

In this case, if you try to reprogram your ECU via the OBD (On Board Diagnostics) you will fatally damage your ECU.

Please call us on 0121 293 0929 for more information on tuning Bosch EDC17 & MED17 ECUs

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We guarantee all our work, and both before and after conducting the ECU Remapping we carry out a full diagnostic fault check and data logging to ensure the vehicle is running to its true tuning potential.

We develop our own ECU Remapping software, which is tailored to each vehicle. Prices start from £199 for a no-obligation quote or performance figures

If you’d like to ask us a question or would like to discuss our Car Remapping Service, you can get in touch with us by calling us on 0121 293 0929 or filling in the form on our Contact Us.

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  • Avatar Thomas Roberts ★★★★★ a month ago
    I decided to use Midland tuning centre for my stage 1 remap after seeing the positive reviews they had. My experience was the best it could of been, my car was health checked before I had the map and the whole process was great. After having … More the stage 1 map done, my car was like a different car and the performance was improved greatly. I couldn’t recommend MTC enough. Great job!
  • Avatar Kay Linden ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    I can not thank Ryan enough for his perseverance with my car. I am sure he must have felt like throwing in the towel but whenever I rang he kept me informed of progress options & always had a next step in mind.
    … More service from the minute I called to collection & driving away in what feels like a different car!!
    Thank you so much I will sing your praises to all,truly grateful for the work completed on my car.
  • Avatar S H ★★★★★ 7 months ago
    Fantastic service, great team. Had an exhaust issue with my car, they told me to come back after few hours and it was sorted. Reasonable prices and excellent customer services will visit again when a car issue arises.
  • Avatar Richard Collins ★★★★★ 10 months ago
    I received an excellent service from Ryan and the team at MTC! My car wasn’t running very well and was very sluggish so I took it in for a diagnosis/EGR check, full service, MOT and stage 1 remap. Whilst I relaxed in their comfortable waiting … More room watching TV and drinking coffee Ryan sorted the car and now it runs beautifully. I can’t believe the difference in power and torque! It is indecently quick now and I haven’t even tried to explore its full potential yet. I’m planning on going back soon for some more tuning on the rolling road!
  • Avatar David Salter ★★★★★ 10 months ago
    I had my 2015 citroen relay van remaped due to the weight it carries I need more torque. They did a great job and the results have made such a difference. Would recommend there service. Friendly and professional chaps
  • Avatar Byron Motion ★★★★★ 10 months ago
    Don't use anywhere but here. Fantastic staff, very good quality of work. Explain every step of the process. Highly recommend.
  • Avatar S ABC ★★★★★ 11 months ago
    A GREAT experience! I called in on a Saturday near closing time as my exhaust was rattling. Upon arrival, my car was quickly examined. An old, non-essential fixture was found to be causing the issue. This was removed and the issue was resolved … More within a minute. I went to this place based on the reviews and I'm happy to report that the service I received surpassed my expectations! The colleague who served me was very polite. He talked me through what the issue was, how he was going to fix it and also didn't charge me for the service. As someone who knows nearly nothing about cars; I would've been non the wiser if someone had told me it was an expensive problem to solve, so I really appreciate the honesty. I will definitely be back for any future issues!
  • Avatar Michael Terry ★★★★★ 11 months ago
    Beyond happy with the Stage 1 remap deliver by MTC! Really nice waiting area for customers including a HUGE TV, lots of seating, coffee machine and nice toilet 🙂
    The map has increased the power hugely and is still running amazing, maybe
    … More even better then stock with daily driving!
  • Avatar Moh Jabar ★★★★★ a year ago
    Excellent customer service, Excellent work completed, Been using Midland tuning centre for a while, Never can fault their work, Results are always amazing, Top guy ryan and the staff.highly recommended.
  • Avatar Paul Richardson ★★★★★ a year ago
    Excellent service and price .Hard to find genuine people who do great work very honest and would definitely recommend 5 stars.
  • Avatar Catalin Enache ★★★★★ a year ago
    I highly recommend this garage, very good prices for the services offered and very friendly staff! After the visit my car is very happy! 😄😄Service: Exhaust
  • Avatar Abdullah mustaqeem ★★★★★ a year ago
    Absolutely brilliant. DPF solution and ECO tune carried out. 100% satisfied. Car returning 10mpg better than before. Worth every penny.
  • Avatar Ethan ★★★★★ a year ago
    Recently had my Merc C250 Stage 1 remapped at MTC. Feels like a brand new Car. Great Service, great price & got it back on the same day. Ryan was a pleasure to deal with, I’ll be back for another map soon.
  • Avatar Paul Jones ★★★★★ a year ago
    My car st focus diesel was mapped by a mobile mapping company, it developed really bad performance issues, I took my car to 3 different garages and they would not touch it due to the map .I phoned Ryan at mtc and he advised I bring it to … More him for diagnostics , the team found the issue within 15 mins and put the car right for me .I will going to Ryan for the services on my car from now on .Talked me through everything and very honest professional teamThank you ladsService: Check engine light diagnostic
  • Avatar tom han ★★★★★ a year ago
    Was actually in the process of selling my car as It wasn't as enjoyable to drive as it shouldve been. Turns out someone before me had remapped the car and done a terrible job. Very glad I popped in to see Ryan at mtc. I drove out of … More there with a completely different car. The the power and response was mind blowing and surprisingly fuel economy was drastically improved despite having bags more power to hand. Best money I've spent. The car is no longer for sale 🤣 (nismo rs) smiles per miles 👌 nice one lads 👊Services: Exhaust, Steering/Suspension, Check engine light diagnostic, Air conditioning

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